Together Everyone Achieves More (T.E.A.M.)

19 Apr

Together We CanToday I get the chance to reflect on my past few weeks of school. It has been a fast pace end of the semester with projects due one after the other but amidst the chaos I was blessed to be apart of my favorite project ever, CreateAthon. If there was a way to describe CreateAthon for me I would say it  was an adventure. Honestly to me CreateAthon went by way to fast, 24 plus hours seemed like minutes. I loved it. I felt like I was at home. My friends felt like members of my family and we were all working towards a unified goal together. Words cannot express the feelings that are forever attached to that project.

I had the honor of working with the documentation team. Our job was to update the blog, the Facebook page, the Twitter feed, and the Youtube videos. We got to jump around the building, and take pictures and videos of everyone working together around the clock. Yes there was Red Bull, yes there was awkward dances at sporadic moments, and yes we captured awkwardness in the elevator. It was such a fun experience, one that I would like to happen more often. I want to say thanks to everybody the worked with us.

I don’t even have the slightest clue how much time I’ve put into school this month, a majority of it was for CreateAthon. But I would not want to accept any glory for any of it, and state that’s what I did, that part is mine, or try to claim anything. It was all about helping others! Growing up I was taught that helping others was a major priority. I thank my Grandfather for teaching me not to seek reward when you help other people, he would always say that just doing something nice was a reward all its own and not to be boastful about it. I will proudly say that we are a team, we are brothers and sisters, and together with the community we are Chattanooga.


Life Is A “Hurry Up and Wait”

23 Feb

Waiting for Someone?

(The image is what I can do with a few hours and some Photoshop, not perfect but hey)

Today in my third class we watched the documentary titled Waiting For Superman. It is sad to think that not much has been done to educate American children. Sure there are people and schools that are putting their focus on their students, and I commend them. My point is how many public schools have to suffer nationwide with high student failure rates? I guess that I am lucky, I know I experienced teachers that didn’t care about me or my classmates, we just dealt with it I guess. Failing was a fear of mine in high school, but I was never afraid to try and learn. I had one teacher who went the “extra mile” trying to teach me math. I did okay, but math is not my favorite subject by far.

That’s the thing though, how many teachers out there actually care about how their students perform and learn? The movie is inspiring, but it appears that there isn’t much change in progress to fix the problem nationwide. The movie also left me asking what can I do? I know that volunteering to tutor K-12 students would be a nice start. People at my age need to consider how we pass the torch to the next generation. And I firmly believe in building relationships with the youth. I want people to learn from my mistakes, for instance not loosing your free scholarship your freshman year of college (That’s a free lesson from me). I can only hope that when I have children that a better education is within their reach.

Clean up your mess!

22 Feb
Validation Typography

Links to W3C

In our class we were split into five teams and assigned to search out the roots of  concepts. The team that I am apart of got assigned (X)HTML and CSS Validation. As a team we were able to come up with the most common errors when validating and resources to help along with the process. We give our presentation on the information on Thursday, which is when we will also release our resource blog.

It Runs Deep

20 Feb
Hunter Lecture Series: Geoffrey Canada

Image screen shot from

As I’m sitting here in the lab trying to gather my thoughts, I am reminded about this week and all that has happened. It was a crazy week with scheduling. With it being Valentine’s day last Monday, I wanted to show good heart to the ones who are close to me in life right now. So I gathered some assortments of candies and chocolates and distributed them with Valentine’s cards, each having a hand written specific personalized message contained. With the week being so busy, some how I found time to realize how close I am to graduating college. Scary, but I’m not afraid. I’m just aware of what life becomes after you graduate. Friends move away, and you have begin an new journey all again. It’s funny because it feels like I just set up camp here. I don’t want to move away so quickly.

I was super excited though because I was going to have the chance to volunteer for Extreme Home Makeover: Home Edition that night into the early morning. I so wanted to help! It’s not just the opportunity that drew me into it, but what the cause stood for: helping those in need. But sadly I arrived an hour and a half prior to my appointed time at 2:00 AM to find out that they were running behind schedule and sent all of the volunteers home. In a way it was kind of a hidden blessing because my shift was 2:00 AM to 8:00 AM and I had class that morning at eight. I was going to honor both of my commitments and deal with the consequences of class all day and then a lecture series that night here at UTC. Tuesday was fun though, I got a little bit of sleep and then turned around and came back for class and proceeded to the lecture that night. UTC had invited Geoffrey Canada to come and speak about how he is trying to change the education in America. He has a very valid point by saying that the children in America are not getting what they deserve. I agree that it is a joint effort, that parents and teachers must commit time to help students learn. After that night I called my sister and asked her how my oldest nephew was progressing mentally. That kid is the smartest two year old I’ve seen! I’m very proud.

As the week progressed I had my own agenda to keep to with my job and keep homework to keep up with as well. Mainly though this past week I have been focusing in on my independent studies. I will keep the updates as they come up but know that it is going to be an awesome project. I’ll be working on branding Southern American culture, deploying the brand, establishing it, and then for my final process I will detour my own work. It will be a 360 identity project. More details to come so stay tuned in.

If you want to run with me…

12 Feb
Home page

Again cluttered

Blogging about once a week is going to be a challenge to myself, and that is exactly what I’m doing, challenging myself. The idea came to me to list my first post in awhile as more about my personality than just generic. This past week has been crazy busy with homework. Not that I couldn’t handle it, but I think I became over ambitious with my fake website. Several things that I intended as design elements got lost in translation. My first thought was to build a site that looked like a refrigerator and I stuck with that, but I made all of my images and got tied up in wanting to use everything. When it comes to getting graded for it I hope that the essentials shine through the clutter. Here are some of my screenshots from the fake site. Enjoy it, if you can, but know that this is just my first site. They will get better I promise.

Fake website page

Please don't judge my clutter

Utilizing web space

4 Nov

In chapter 14 of Interact With Web Standards (our class text book), it discusses how white/ negative space is handled on the web. Our professor gave us some slight changes to the direction of the problem statement, which was to find some good and bad uses of white/negative space. She instructed us to specifically use politician’s web sites, not to uplift them or demean them, but to look for how their web sites were constructed. A good way to look at the inside of a web page is to use Firefox browser and use a free web tool called Firebug.

A little simple but overall a nice tasteful approach

More on the cluttered side

Be sure to click on the images to see the descriptions, also here are the links if you want to follow through to either of the two sites:

Blair Digital and Greenlife Pizza

28 Oct

Checking out the real deal from Blair Digital

The Big Boys

These are the ones who get it done

I’m not making a comparison between the awesome Blair Digital team and good healthy pizza from Greenlife, I am blogging about what we did as a class last Thursday! We took a class field trip to a local print shop here in Chattanooga called Blair Digital.  They were nice enough to allow our class of 17 to come and squeeze in to have a mini tour of the shop. I am excited to share with you the viewer of how friendly the staff is there, and I encourage you to check them out as an option for your printing needs. They are true quality thats for sure. I have uploaded some pictures from our class excursion into the print world and Greenlife to show you how much fun we had as a class.

Dawn is such a ham (j/k)

Good Food, Good People